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Instrumental Lessons
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 17 reviews
by Ellen on Instrumental Lessons

Music has always been like a soul medicine for me and I had always dreamt to sing or at least to learn how to play the guitar. I have been told I do not have the right skills, that I will never be able to do it ... until I met Dil - the most wonderful human being and the best teacher in the world!
With Dil it is not only about music, but about life - it is a therapy - she will get the best out of you, she will prove you that the (IM)possible is actually possible.
Words are not enough to describe her and her amazing music skills and life experience.
Dil has wonderful stories, always good advice and a positive vibe!
You will just love her, love the time spent with her and love the music lessons!
Thank you, Dil, for everything! You are amazing!

by Andy on Instrumental Lessons

Dil is an exceptional music teacher, the joy and passion she has is infectious, her musical knowledge so enlightening. Thanks for being so patient and always finding a way to make the sessions fun. ?

by Martina on Instrumental Lessons

I am a 29 year old woman and I started to practice piano with Dil a couple of months ago. I really enjoy the time spent with her, she is really a patient person and she is able to convey her passion for the music. One hour with her really goes by quickly! She is really caring with her students. In my opinion, if you want to learn music she is the right teacher.

by Nency on Instrumental Lessons

Finding Mendis Music has been the light at the end of the tunnel for me.
I've spent one year without playing as much as I would have liked to but since I walked through that door something changed, and I had the most amazing vibes.
Dilshini is a great artist and guitarist, with an amazing sense of music. I feel it every time I am playing with her.
She is the best teacher that I have ever had the pleasure working with. Passionate, strong, organised, confident and kind. She is able to transmit you the best techniques and creativity.
Since I started at Mendis Music there is not a day that goes by that I am not playing. I see my improvement rapidly increasing much more than I could have ever imagined because she knows how to bring out the best in me.
I have not studied there for long however I can definitely say that Mendis Music is an uplifting and professional place to learn music and Dilshini is an amazing woman. I thank God everyday for letting me meet her.

by Okail on Instrumental Lessons

I can happily say that coming to Mendis Music and having met Dil is one of the best things that have happened to me ever since I moved to London. As a piano teacher, Dil makes you fall in love with the instrument and look forward to the following session while still being there. As a music lover, she exposes you to many different musical spectrums that you wouldn’t have heard of out there in the busy world! As a person, she definitely brings out the best in you on a personal level and she has beautiful heart. As a friend, you are there with someone who makes it the most amount of fun. Finally, when you walk into Mendis Music you feel the good energy, you get all the good vibes, and all of a sudden you’re part of it!

by Andrew & Carla on Instrumental Lessons

Dil is fantastic. My son enjoys his lessons very much, he is in awe of her skill and always tells us how fun his lessons are. He is excited to go to lessons every week! We recently went on holiday and the first thing he packed was his ukulele. Thank you Dil for being such an inspiration. Henry is so in love with music and we attribute that to you and your ability to let your passion spill over. Also, what a great location for a music school? We are so grateful for everything you do and wish your school all the success it deserves.

by Esther on Instrumental Lessons

What can I say about Dil that has not been said before? She is amazing: amazing as a teacher, amazing as a human, amazing as a friend. She is dedicated, funny... time flies in her classes! And she makes you feel special, makes you believe that music does not sound that bad even if it is just your first class. You will never find a better teacher than Dil, so, what are you waiting for?

by Annabelle on Instrumental Lessons

My daughter has been playing the piano for 3 years. We changed teachers 6 months ago, and the change has been dramatic! My daughter practices more and can't wait to get back to her lessons every week. Dil is very good with kids, she's inspirational, helped my daughter build confidence and I've noticed such a big change. I cannot recommend Dil enough! I'm so glad I found her, she's simply the best.

by Rafina on Instrumental Lessons

Dil has an amazing teaching ability to make you go further than you ever thought you could. As an adult piano student, who has never had any formal music training, I have progressed so far in such a short space of time. I am playing pieces that would have completely intimidated me even a few months ago. She is so accepting and shows such belief in you. I would recommend her to any adult starting out in music. Her lessons are definitely one of the nicest things I do all week!

by Brendan on Instrumental Lessons

Dil is an awesome teacher. She's instructive and patient with a great taste in music (as is probably expected). I took lessons with her on ukulele to give me the kick-start i need to begin playing. She helped massively introducing me to a range of techniques and songs she really liked playing and as soon as i mentioned songs i was interested in learning she had me playing them in the same lesson. She is always bubbly and a ray of light and humor everytime i see her. Highly recommended!

by Erin Sizemore Cravey on Instrumental Lessons

I wish I could put 10 stars. We all love Mrs. Dil. So amazingly talented, PATIENT and engaging with the kids. My boys ( one on ukelele and one on guitar) always look forward to their lessons. Thank you Mrs, Dil.❤️

by Jane Sophia O'Donnell on Instrumental Lessons

I previously had guitar lessons with two other tutors and struggled to learn thinking it was my inability. Since having guitar lessons with Dil I have realised that I just needed a good teacher. Dil has a great way of teaching that simplifies how you learn techniques as well as having a wonderful personality that makes you feel relaxed , making it easier to progress.

by Camden Guitars on Instrumental Lessons

Great teacher ! We have been working with Dil for quite a while now, and never had any negative feedback from anyone. At Camden Guitars, we happily recommend her, and pass her on every single costumer seeking to learn the guitar.

(Sometime she gives free cookies too)

by Isabel on Instrumental Lessons

Dil has been teaching my ten-year old son who is a beginner. He loves it! She gives him lots if little song openings and chords to play. Lots of fun and variety and he enjoys showing us what he has learnt.

by Martin on Instrumental Lessons

Dil is a brillant teacher who immediately understood what I wanted to learn (and what I didn't want to do). I feel I have made quite some improvements and feel better and confident when playing. Would definitely recommend her to others.

by Al B. on Instrumental Lessons

What can I say abt Dil? Simply she is a great teacher. As a complete noob to playing and learning abt music I have found Dil to be a great and fun to learn from. She puts in the effort to learn abt her students shaping the lessons to their individual ablity and ambitions. Dont think though that she will take it easy on you. Remember you are here to develop and she wants you to progress in your to play. That means she will also provide info and homwork to gently push you forward to make sure you dont stagnant in your development. So if you want to learn abt music take the chance to become one of her students. Al B

by David Wilson on Instrumental Lessons

I have worked in the music world for much of my life, but only now am I trying to work with music. Dil of Mendis Music is teaching me the guitar and I only wish I had started these lessons earlier. What a great teacher! - David Wilson, former Director Pavarotti Music Centre (Mostar, Bosnia).