Independence Day!

My journey started a few weeks before my 31st Birthday. Worried that the cut off date for attending the Prince’s Trust would clash with the age cut off I called them. After an anxious wait to be put through to the right person I was informed that it was fine and I took part in the Enterprise Programme to help me write a business plan. Fast forward a year, I went in front of panel of judges to pitch my idea of the Mendis Music school and was given the go ahead by the judges. The options were to apply for funding and a mentor or just a mentor. Seeing as I didn’t need the funding I asked for a mentor and was paired up with Hilary (pictured right). In the past two years Hilary gave me insight, went through my numbers, put me on the straight and narrow when I needed to and witnesses all the ups and downs of running my music school. Every success was doubled and every worry halved during each session I had with her. Today we had our last meeting as my initial two years of trading happened in August 2017. The decision to let me go my own way and take flight in running this business without a mentor were mutual and I felt rather emotional today having our last session.

Hilary, without you this journey would have been far more difficult. With all my heart, and all that I am, I thank you for giving me your time and insight. I also thank you for believing in me (as someone who wasn’t my family) and helping me achieve my dream of running Mendis Music. I am living the dream. My work is my passion and therefore rarely feels like work. I know we leave this, as friends. And I am so happy to have met you.

To anyone reading this, contemplating running their own business, my advice for you is this: keep going. If you’re aged under 31 contact the Prince’s Trust and sign up to the Enterprise Programme. It’s free! The wealth of knowledge and support you’ll receive is vast. If you’re aged over 31, and you don’t know where to start, get in touch. I have a lot of materials you can use to help you write a business plan that you can take with you to meeting with investors, etc. I’m happy to pay forward all the things the Prince’s Trust gave me.